Emerald Isle Professional Pet Care 

Services & Rates

Below is a list of all of my current Services & Rates. If you don't see the service you require listed please feel free to reach out and I will try to accommodate you or refer you to someone who can! 

Pet Sitting

For Dogs. This includes three visits, 30 minutes each in length. Dogs will be fed, walked, have playtime, & whatever other needs they require fulfilled.


For Cats.  This includes two visits, 20 minutes each. Cats will be fed, litter boxes cleaned, have playtime, & whatever other needs they require fulfilled. 


For Overnight Sitting, regardless of the type of pet. This is for pets who require a little extra TLC or supervision than just day care. Overnights start at 7-8pm and I stay in your home until 7-8am. 


Drop- In care & Dog Walking

Drop- In visits. I offer drop ins/potty breaks for those who are unable to tend to their pets for long hours during the day. I can drop by to let dogs out, feed pets, or medicate pets who require midday doses. 


30 minute Dog Walk. Clients may choose where dogs are walked, I can pick up and drop off if not walking from the home. 


60 minute Dog Walk. Clients may choose where dogs are walked, I will pick up and drop off it not walking from the home. 


Dog Training

Puppy Training. I offer force free and positive reinforcement based training for puppies. I offer both training and education for a wide variety of areas such as house training, socialization, jumping, crate training, recall, and play biting. 


Adult Dog Training/Behavior Modification. I offer dog training for adult dogs. I offer anything from basic training (house training, recall, loose leash walking, etc) to more involved behavioral problems such as separation anxiety or leash reactivity. 


Other Pet Care Services

Medical Assistance.

 I offer assistance with medical care such as subcutaneous fluid administration, insulin injections, oral/topical/injectable medications, bandage changes, etc. 

*All medications must be part of a treatment plan from a licensed veterinarian* 


Nail Trimming.

Dog, Cat, and Rabbit nail trims.


Ear Cleaning.

Simple ear cleanings for Dogs & Cats.


Pet Taxi.

Need help transporting your pets to/from the groomers, vet, or anywhere else? I can help!